Child Dummy Models

Humanetics and DYNAmore developed validated child models based on their physical anthropomorphic test devices. These models are used in frontal and side impacts all over the world.

DYNAmore distributes a wide range of child dummies for LS-DYNA. That page shows the available finite element models of the H-, P- and Q-series.

The HybridIII models (H-series) were developed by Humanetics (formerly FTSS) in co-operation with the "SAE Biomechanics Committees" and the "National Highway Transport Safety Administration" (NHTSA). These frontal impact models are designed for airbag OOP (Out of Position) testing to evaluate the potential injury from deploying airbags. The children models of the Q-series are also developded by Humanetics. They are advanced in terms of its biomechanical and anthropometric  basis. The Q-series covers almost the complete child population up to 10 years.

Dynamore has developed the models of the P-series (P1.5 and P3). They are test tools for the European regulations ECE-R94 and R44. These child dummies are used in both front  and side impact testing, also adopted by many other standards.

Hereafter, please see some information about the latest releases of the children models:

Humanetics - Hybrid III 10 year old child


Version v1.1.1 of the H310

Humanetics - Hybrid III 6 year old child


Version v3.3.7 of the H306

Humanetics - Hybrid III 3 year old child


Version v4.1.4 of the H303

DYNAmore - P 3 year old child


Version v1.0.1 of the P3

DYNAmore - P 1.5 year old child


Version v0.2 of the P1,5

Humanetics - Q 10 year old child


Version v1.8 of the Q10

Q10 2020 Upgrade Kit

Humanetics - Q 6 year old child


Version v2.1.1 of the Q6

Humanetics - Q3s 3 year old child


Version v1.1 of the Q3s

Humanetics - Q 3 year old child


Version v1.7 of the Q3

Humanetics - Q 1.5 year old child


Version v1.1 des Q1,5

Humanetics - Q 1 year old child


Version v1.0 of the Q1

Humanetics - Q 0 year old child


Version v0.9 of the Q0