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LS-OPT - Optimization & Robustness

The seminar gives an introduction to the program LS-OPT.

GENESIS - Structural Optimization

Introduction to GENESIS (topology, topometry, topography, sizing and form optimization) and to the graphical user interface Design Studio for GENESIS.

Basics of Structural Optimization

The aim of this class is to understand the basic principles of structural optimization techniques and their theoretical background .

Information day Optimization / DOE / Robustness

Within the scope of several presentations by cusomters and DYNAmore employees application examples of optimization, sensitivity and design studies as well as robustness and reliability analyses are demonstrated.

Robustness Analysis of a 3-points bending test with LS-OPT

During this workshop, an example of a 3-point bending test will be used. The creation of the model under LS-OPT and the analysis of the results will be discussed and implemented directly on a computer.