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LS-OPT Optimization (Video-Seminar)

This video seminar is a recording of the LS-DYNA Compact Webinar of, which we now provide as on-demand video. If you are interested in this video seminar, please register using the button below. After receipt of the seminar fees, we will send you a link to the video. For tax reasons this service is only available for companies. Private persons are excluded from using this service.


  • Brief introduction to LS-OPT
  • The optimization problem for the parameter identification
  • Objective function: to minimize deviations between simulations and experiments (least-squares principle)
  • Constraints
  • Optimization variables
  • Normalization and weighting
  • Min. / max. formulation: minimizing the maximum deviation
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Simultaneous adaptation of several experiments (e.g. tensile test, shear test and biaxial test)
  • Starting LS-DYNA simulations and job control in LS-OPT
  • Analysis and evaluation of optimization results
  • Live demonstration



Katharina Liebold

Katharina Liebold


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