Reduced modeling of crash barriers for design optimization of space frame automobile structures

In this work, a simplified model has been developed for the Euro NCAP offset deformable barrier suitable for use in the optimization of space frame automobile structures. The model improves the prediction accuracy of discrete structures and components without a force-distributing vehicle body shell, by restricting unrealistic local deformation of the barrier. It also drastically reduces the computational effort compared to the shell and solid barrier models typically used. In order to develop this simplified model, investigations are carried out using the standard and well tested barrier models provided by LSTC. The developed model then was verified by simulation with a rigid impactor, full-vehicle models and also body–in-white models. It is shown that the simplified barrier allows a direct investigation of body-in-white or space frame structures without making a great compromise in respect of the simulation quality. This enables the consideration of the Euro NCAP offset deformable barrier in optimization and helps to identify robust designs in an early development phase.