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Simulation-Based Airbag Folding System JFOLD Version 2 -New Capabilities and Folding Examples

Computer simulation is playing an increasingly important role in the design, development and application of airbag safety systems. As folding patterns and airbag structures become more and more complex, users are turning to simulation based folding solutions to generate accurately folded models in a short space of time. To meet this demand, a new software tool called JFOLD has been developed by JSOL Corporation to enable successful airbag folding using LS-DYNA ®. JFOLD’s intuitive and interactive system guides the user through the folding steps using flow-chart graphics, interactive tool positioning/resizing, tool motion control, animation preview and more. This paper introduces the new capabilities of JFOLD Version 2 and demonstrates various folding examples. JFOLD runs inside the powerful and popular pre-processor Primer.