Using JFOLD & LS-DYNA to Study the Effects of Folding on Airbag Deployment

Today's engineers and designers need accurately folded airbags in their deployment simulations. Minor changes in the way the airbag is folded can cause different deployment behaviour, which can lead to trim fracture, hang-ups and unintended injury. There is a growing demand for robust, accurate analysis to study and mitigate these problems, but creating an accurate model of a folded airbag is still a challenge. JFOLD is a software tool developed to meet the growing demand for fast and easy simulation based airbag folding. Running inside Oasys PRIMER, JFOLD helps the user to quickly set up folding simulations that run in LS-DYNA. Once the initial folding process is complete, the user can easily generate many different fold patterns by only making small adjustments to the set up. We introduce some examples of using JFOLD v2 to create different fold patterns and show how deployment is affected using the corpuscular particle method in LS-DYNA.