Simulation of the Electro-Magnetic Flux Compression using LS-DYNA Multi-Physics Capability

The Electro-Magnetic Flux Compression system can generate ultra-high magnetic flux over 700 T with an electromagnetically imploded coil and is employedto study electronic physical properties of condensed matterssuch as carbon nano-tubes.Predicting the generation of electro-magnetic flux using computer simulation techniquesrequires electro-magnetic –thermal –structural coupling analysis. Since the electromagnetism (EM) module has been introduced into LS-DYNA starting from Ver. R7.0.0, behaviors associated withthe electro-magnetic forming can be predicted using the LS-DYNA.In this paper, simulation techniquesforthe EM module are studied to predict the generation of electro-magnetic flux in the Electro-Magnetic Flux Compression system.