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Development of an Anisotropic Material Model for the Simulation of Extruded Aluminum under Transient Dynamic Loads

The movement towards lightweight mate rials in the construction of automotive bodies is leading to an increase in parts made from extruded aluminum and other materials with a large degree of anisotropic behavior. The need to model these anisotropic properties and predict the behavior of these materials is increasing rapidly. A review of the anisotropic material models available in LS - Dyna including Material types 36, 133, 135, and 243 led to the decision that Material type 36 with option “Hardening Rule 7“ (HR7) was the most appropriate choice for application towards analysis of extruded aluminum parts under both static and dynamic loads. Material type 36 ( *MAT_3 - Parameter_Barlat ) has a history of use in forming applications and shows promise as a valuable tool for modeling anisotropic behavior in high strain, high velocity simulation applications as well.