Agile Dummy Model Development Illustrated by Refinement Activities of the WorldSID Shoulder Model

The Agile Software Development is a method that promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continuous improvement, and encourages rapid and flexible response to changes. This method is established in the development of software and influences also many other development processes. The employees at DYNAmore are developing dummy models together with a consortium of car companies since decades. The models are used world wide by almost all automotive companies that run LS-DYNA to design their restraint systems. The process of creating the models has been refined several times. The paper describes the applied methods for one of the latest dummy model developments, the WorldSID 50% dummy model. Although the model quality is already high, there is still a frequent exchange between the developers and customers to refine the model for specific load cases. The input and interaction with users is highlighted by the adaptations made for the shoulder area and other detailed investigations. Finally, the paper compares the applied methods with the methods published for Agile Software Development and concludes with ideas to further optimize the processes to develop dummy models.