Optimal Forces for the Deceleration of the ES-2 Dummy

The purpose of this project is to improve the development process of vehicle safety systems by introducing a new analytic approach. Today, the development of vehicle safety systems, especially the airbag design process, requires many iteration loops via simulations and experiments. In this process, parameters are changed, a new simulation is conducted and the injury values are evaluated. We have a different, two folded approach: First we calculate the optimal forces to decelerate a dummy or human body. In a second step, these optimal forces can be used to design vehicle safety systems. Here, a generic side impact setup is presented, which allows for a controlled deceleration. Optimal trajectories for the deceleration of a second generation European Side Impact Dummy (ES-2) are developed. Controllers are implemented which apply forces to the body regions depending on their specific injury criteria. Energy distribution across different body parts is presented.