LS-DYNA Model Development of the Harmonized Hybrid III 05F Crash Test Dummy to meet the Euro NCAP testing protocol requirements

Starting per January 2015 Euro NCAP requires use of the HIII-5th percentile small female for its full width frontal barrier test procedures. The dummy should be according to the latest agreed FTSS / Denton brand harmonization and thereby eliminates brand variability effects. The dummy configuration includes a neoprene neck shield, the SAE harmonized jacket (SAE J2921) and the Denton lower leg cavities. In addition, the thorax pendulum certification should be done for both 3.0 (SAE J2878) and 6.7 m/s, and use of polynomial scale factor for the calibration of the chest deflection sensor (SAE J2517) is required. The HIII 05F dummy is employed at two locations during the aforementioned test protocol: 1) the front passenger seat and 2) the rear passenger seat opposite to the driver. In addition OEMs may hand over data for the front passenger seat. An LS-Dyna model for this Euro NCAP compliant HIII 05F has been developed. The model is optimized to predict the nominal response of the Harmonized HIII 05F dummies in the market. New tests were performed to validate the model. To allow users to explore possible influence of chest variability the model features settings that result in response characteristics representing either stiffer or softer behavior. It is well known that chest stiffness, even within the range of certification corridors, can cause significant variation in the final Euro NCAP tests. As such, the model allows to make an estimate of the probability that Euro NCAP targets for chest deflection will be reached once the independent Euro NCAP test is performed.