Recent Enhancements on Short-Fiber Reinforced Plastics Modeling in LS-DYNA

A two-scale constitutive model for short-fiber reinforced plastics is currently being realized in LS-DYNA associated with an appropriate data-mapper (DYNAmap). For reliable structural analysis of heterogeneous materials like SFRP, the anisotropic and locally varying effective elastic properties are determined through a homogenization process of the microstructure and provided for the structural analysis. The complete process chain, from the manufacturing to the service conditions of the components can thus be simulated in connection as shown in Fig.1. The spatial varying information of fiber orientation and fiber content resulting from the injection molding simulation is transferred to the structural analysis model through DYNAmap. This mapper exports the appropriate information as *INITIAL_STRESS_SOLID cards to the structural analysis mesh. Using this information, homogenized anisotropic elastic material properties are determined and provided as material cards for standard anisotropic elastic material models or directly used for a structural analysis. Chapter 2 deals with the corresponding data mapping, in chapter 3 the homogenization procedure is addressed.