New Developments in LoCo – the Innovative SDM System

DYNAmore GmbH has founded a new wholly-owned subsidiary known as SCALE GmbH. The aim behind this move is to offer software solutions and IT services for process and data management and for FE methods development in the automotive industry. In the past years, DYNAmore has created a variety of different software products under contract of AUDI. The reason for establishing SCALE GmbH is to further develop and market LoCo and other software products both within the Volkswagen group and beyond it as well. The name SCALE stands for "Scalable Solutions in Simulation Data and Process Management", solutions that can also be used as a shared platform with external development partners. The core product for simulation and process data management is the innovative software solution LoCo. LoCo is being intensively used at many different simulation units, with currently over 500 users at Audi and at a large number of contracted service providers. LoCo is also being phased in at other brand divisions of the Volkswagen group. LoCo applies several new approaches to Simulation Data Management, such as strict offline capabilities with permanent synchronization of relevant data, consequent version management of all involved objects by means of simulation models and processes, novel ontology based approaches for the assembly of components as well as easy customizability. LoCo is an open system for the integration of any third party or in-house CAE-product, such as pre-/post processors, FE- solvers, queuing systems, process scripts, etc.