Using LoCo for Multi Run Simulations

For several years now AUDI and DYNAmore (now SCALE) have been working on a new generation of SDM-System called LoadcaseComposer, Short: LoCo. This SDM-System applies several new approaches to Simulation Data Management, such as strict offline capabilities with permanent synchronization of relevant data, consequent and strict version management of all related objects of simulations, novel ontology based approaches for the assembly of components as well as easy customizability and supporting a sustainable process by means of a “continuous integration” approach for frequent upgrades of the entire LoCo deployment. One of the recent challenges was to enable the user to handle setups for very similar simulations with a minimum of effort and maximum clarity and reusability. In contrary to DOE studies, robustness analyses or optimizations the setup is clearly outlined by regulations such as FMVSS201, ECE-R21 and EuroNCAP testingprocedures. Tools such as LS-OPT could have also been used to setup these kind of simulations, however they lag the ease of use, necessary for users to act on a daily basis as well as the tight integration in an SDM system. Furthermore the nature of these setups is such that a later use in design studies or optimizations as a whole will be of interest.