Validation of Fluid Analysis Capabilities in LS-DYNA Based on Experimental Result

The latest LS-DYNA provides several excellent capabilities for modeling of fluid like materials. These capabilities contains ALE, SPH and CESE for compressible fluid and ICFD for incompressible fluid. Each capability has its own numerical method for computation and characteristics, and is used properly for different target of modeling and purpose of each simulation. For example, ALE and SPH can treat free surface problem automatically without any additional definition of free surface boundary, whereas, explicit definition of free surface boundary is required in ICFD computation. Furthermore, ALE and ICFD are mesh-based approach and mesh definition is required in the region for fluid flow. In contrast, SPH is a kind of meshfree method and then complex mesh generation is not required. In this presentation, each fluid analysis capabilities are compared and validated with the experimental result and the effects of some options related to CFD computation, e.g., boundary conditions, viscosity, turbulence models, are examined and discussed.