Impact Simulations on Home Appliances to Optimize Packaging Protection: A Case Study on a Refrigerator

Numerical simulations were used to investigate the impact behavior of complex products such as home appliances. LS-DYNA® is a powerful tool for performing repeat analysis of large assembled parts of the final product, including the packaging. The main goal of the simulations was to verify the performance and suitability of the packaging and its interaction with the structure in case of damage occurring during transportation or delivery. The studies were carried out to guarantee the integrity of the product from factory to customer and therefore to reduce customers service calls. In particular, impact simulations on a refrigerator and its packaging were performed using LS-DYNA®. The FE model reproduced the testing conditions defined by internal Electrolux regulations. A rear edge drop test was studied and results used to improve current parts. The paper presents the methodology developed to speed up the product development and to reduce the time to market (TTM). Comparison between the experimental and numerical results are also explored. Keywords: Home appliances, Drop Testing, Refrigerator, modeFRONTIER, Packaging