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Control Systems

Control is the process of making a system of design variables conform to some desired values. There are many applications of control like cruise control, ABS, pre-crash active safety, Human Body closed loop system … The goal is to use output measurements provided by sensors and then control the system using actuators so that the system output follow a desired behavior. One of the most popular tools for that purpose is the so-called PID controller but there are a lot of other different control features that can be applied. MATLAB/Simulink, Scilab, Octave are examples of software having a Control System toolbox. The aim of this presentation is to collect any suggestions or remarks and to give you an overview of the current developments in LS-DYNA regarding control : piezoelectric material, LS-DYNA Control System toolbox, interface between LS-DYNA FEA models and Control System toolboxes (MATLAB, Scilab, LS-DYNA) .