Validation and Optimization of Numerical Simulations by Optical Measurmements of Tools and Parts

Simulation of forming processes has become an important tool for the current process optimization. It can be supported significantly by modern optical measuring methods based on digital image processing providing full-field information of 3D surface geometry (ATOS) and strain and thickness reduction distributions of formed sheet metal parts (ARGUS). These optical systems have become important tools in industrial tool making and sheet metal forming processes in the last years and together with the simulation of forming they have significant potential for quality improvement and optimization of development time for products and production. As part of complex process chains smooth interfaces to conventional CAD/CAM and numerical simulation systems are of particular importance. This paper presents the use of 3D surface geometry data of tools and formed sheet metal parts as input for numerical simulations as well as for the verification of simulations. Furthermore, the digital comparison of measured and simulated strain and thickness reduction distributions is evaluated.