Cross Car Beam Multi Optimization

Cross Car Beam is an important assembly which usually holds all Instrument Panel including HVAC System, Knee Airbags, Steering Column, Radio and many other components. Therefore, the cross car beam has to fulfil many different requirements in order to achieve a good performance. Modal analysis, static analysis, frontal crash and side impact are some examples of the simulations related to the CCB development. ANSA, LS-Dyna and Nastran were the main software used to perform these analyses. In this project we used LS-OPT to manage all these simulations and obtain the optimum solution regarding all requirements. LS-OPT metamodel was used to check the most important design variables and the response values to these variables changes. Some design aspects like driver and passenger’s tube position, tube’s section, flanges width and parts thickness were parameterized and used as design variables. The main responses are the steering wheel intrusion, brackets forces, steering column frequency and tube’s deflexion. The main objective of the project is to achieve the optimum solution with the minimum weight and best performance.