Highly Advanced M&S System for Marine Accident Cause Investigation using FSI Analysis Technique

Investigation of marine accident causes usually depends on the judgments of maritime experts, based on the statements of the concerned persons in the case where there is no navigation equipment, such as AIS and VDR. Scientific verification also has a limitation in the case of their conflicting statements. It is necessary to develop a highly advanced Modeling & Simulation (M&S) system for the scientific investigation of marine accident causes and for the systematic reproduction of accident damage procedure. To ensure an accurate and reasonable prediction of marine accident causes, full-scale ship collision, grounding, flooding and sinking simulations would be the best approach using hydrocode, such as LS-DYNA, with its Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) analysis technique and propulsion force for ship velocity. In this study, using highly advanced M&S system, full-scale ship collision simulation was performed for the investigation of small fishing ship collision and capsize accident. This system was developed for the realization of rough sea state, such as breaking waves, and was applied to the investigation of flooding and sinking accident of the ship.