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An Assessment of ALE Mapping Technique for Buried Charge Simulations

In this work, the effects of ALE mapping technique developed by LSTC [1] are investigated for buried charge simulations. Before mapping studies, a mesh sensitivity study is performed for the pure ALE simulations to investigate the effect of 3D mesh size on the impulse. The ALE mapping is performed from a 2D axisymmetric model to full 3D model. The mapping time is decided by examining the pressure and velocity results of the 2D model simulations. The effect of different mesh ratios between the 2D and 3D model and the effect of 2D and 3D mesh sizes are also investigated. The impulse on the test plate is compared between all ALE models. Moreover, the normalized displacements at the center of the plates measured in the field tests are compared with the simulation results. A good correlation is obtained between the simulation and test results from the point of displacement.